Writing the Thesis Statement (St. Cloud University)

A thesis statement is an objective statement, not a personal one. 

A Personal Statement: I don't believe a Bigfoot could exist in the wilds of North America. 
An Objective Statement: The facts do not support the existence of a large, unknown hominid like Bigfoot. 

A thesis statement must be
more than a fact. 
A reasonable person should be able to argue against it..

Fact or observation: People use many lawn chemicals.
Thesis: People are ruining the environment with chemicals merely to keep their lawns clean.

Create a complete sentence that details the conclusion. 

The thesis should be similar to the title, but it must be a complete sentence that explains in some detail what the writer expects to write about. 
Don't just announce a subject.  NEVER begin a thesis with a phrase like any of these:
"I believe that…."
      "This paper will show that…."

"The thesis of this paper is…."

Announcement: The thesis of this paper is Social Security and old age.
A complete sentence detailing the conclusion: Continuing changes in the Social Security System makes it almost impossible to plan intelligently for one's retirement.


Unfocused: The American steel industry has many problems.
Focused: The primary problem in the American steel industry is the lack of funds to renovate outdated plants and equipment.

Unfocused: Hemingway's war stories are very good.
Focused: Hemingway's stories helped create a new prose style by employing extensive dialogue, shorter sentences, and strong Anglo-Saxon words.

A thesis statement has one main point. Don't try to tackle two topics at once, even if they seem related. Pick one and stick with it.

More than one main point: Stephen Hawking's physical disability has not prevented him from becoming a world-renowned scientist, and his book is the subject of a movie.
One Main point: Stephen Hawking's physical disability has not prevented him from becoming a world renowned physicist.