Week 6: Lord of the Flies by William Golden

Tasks for this week:
1 Have a discussion: Are humans born good? Or do we have to learn it?
Howard Zinn on Human Nature and Aggression (8:48).
Human Nature - Are We Basically Good? (5:16). 

Read "Schools ask themselves if ethics can be taught". 
Read "Old School Ethics". 
Where did Bruno get ethics?  Was he born with them?  How would Bruno respond to the question in the title of the first article?
Writing assignment: are human ideas of good and evil learned or are we born with them?  Feel free to review yesterday's work.

No school

Download symbol sheet for notes.

Lit term: 

Read the first chapter of
Lord of the Flies.  The Sound of the Shell pg 7; 25 pgs

Read Ch 2 Fire on the Mountain pg 32; 16 pgs

This novel has some characteristics of
realistic fiction and some of science fiction: discuss. 
Quiz today

Focus for 3rd Quarter:
Big Ideas:
XX human nature
XX chaos
XX civilization vs. savagery
XX understanding the power of fear
XX dealing with change
XX civilization as structure
Understanding human nature facilitates coping with
XX crisis, chaos, and change.
Crisis creates vulnerability.
To solve problems, order must be dynamic and
XX self- organizing.
Knowing the power of fear can empower you to
XX make better decisions.
Whenever groups of people coexist, there will be
XX a struggle for power.
It is better to examine the consequences of a decision
XX before it is made, than to discover them afterwards.

as per ELA 11 Michigan Merit Curriculum Course Requirements, Page xx

Week 7: Lord of the Flies by William Golden

Read Ch 3 Huts on the Beach pg 48; 10 pgs
Read Ch 4 Painted Faces and Long Hair pg 58; 18 pgs

Much of The Lord of the Flies deals with civilization vs. savagery.  Read A hierarchy of Ethics and discuss.  Start reading it at the bottom and work upwards.  There will be a quiz today. 

Read Ch 5 Beast from Water pg 76; 19 pgs

Read Ch
6 Beast from Air pg 95; 14 pgs
Quiz today
Review the novel so far with this game.   

Read Ch 7 Shadows and Tall Trees pg 109; 15 pgs
The premise of The Lord of the Flies could be seen as, "What would happen if adolescence reigned?  What if there were no adults?"  Author  Diane West believes that American culture is now facing a similar problem.  Read this review of her book, Death of the Grown Up, a book in which she argues that today's American adults are refusing to grow up.  Could there be a link between this behavior and the increase in violence in our society?  Watch first six minutes of this video of an interview with the author (9:58 + 10:04). 

Read Ch 8 Gift for the Darkness pg 124; 21 pgs

Tabula Rasa

Focus Questions
How does peer pressure effect change?
When is rebellion justified?
Why do we need rules?
Why does fear make one act in irrational ways?
How does personality dictate reactions?
How did I benefit (or not benefit) from major or minor changes in my life?
What role does society play in structuring our ideals, values, and sense of right and wrong?
How do emotions skew decision making?
Essential Questions
When does society provide a structure for dealing with change/crisis?
What happens when we lose that structure?
How can forward thinking help me make better decisions?
How will I know when to risk failure for possible success?

Week 8: Lord of the Flies by William Golden

Read Ch 9 A View to a Death pg 145; 10 pgs
"I like all the mixed emotion and anger
It brings out the animal the power you can feel
And feeling so high on this much adrenalin
Excited but scary to believe what we've become."

Read Ch
10 The Shell and the Glasses pg 155; 14 pgs

View this news clip of an interview about teen violence with Keith Ablow, author of the book Living with the Truth  (4:16). 

Wed 11: Read Ch 11 Castle Rock pg 169; 14 pgs

Dr. George Gerbner The Killing Screens: Media and the Culture of Violence (5:59)

Thurs: Read Ch 12 Cry of the Hunters pg 183; 19 pgs
The 1st chapter is "The Sound of the Shell".  The last chapter is "The Cry of the Hunters": Discuss. 
Review the novel with this Jeopardy Game

Fri: Cheuse, Alan.  "Review of Lord of the Flies, 50 Years Later."  NPR.  March 29, 2004. Audio link (2:32)

Week 6:
"The Destructors"
by Graham Greene
page 948

The Blitz (British term)
The Underground
(British term)
(British slang)
the common
(British term)
(British term)

Is evil inherent or produced by environment?
Why will a crowd of people sometimes do things that none of them would do individually?
Why is it hard sometimes for teenagers to value the things that are beautiful in their own society? 
Why do some people laugh at mean jokes? 
Do you think that growing up in a ruined landscape - in a ghetto or a city after a war - would make a person less respectful of beautiful things or more desirous of beautiful things? 

Week 7: Paper: 

Why does a peaceful, orderly society break down into violence and chaos?  ?
Be sure to:  Underline your thesis
Heavily reference Lord of the Flies

Use outside sources
When something goes wrong with society, can blame be assigned to any of the following?
XX Education
XX Parenting
XX Media
XX Cultural trends
XX Gun ownership
XX Law enforcement and courts
Are we reverting back to our natural, primitive state?
Are we suppressing the goodness of our
natural state?
You may use any of  the links from the above weeks. You may wish to look over some of the resources at right.   

"Chicago Cracks Down with Curfew."  National Public Radio. 
XXXXX http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=11186932
"Children and Television Violence".  Abelardhttp://www.abelard.org/tv/tv.php
Goldberg, Rina.  "School Violence in America: Why and How?"   
Whole Family
XXXXX http://www.wholefamily.com/parent-center/teens-writing/school-violence-in-america-why-and-what-now
"How Does Media violence Affect Children's Health?" 
Center for Media & Child Health. 
Males, Mike.  "Why "Teen Violence" is Poverty Violence in Disguise." 
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
XXXXX http://fair.org/extra-online-articles/wild-in-deceit/
"Teen Violence." 
Focus Adolescent Services.  http://www.focusas.com/Violence.html
"What is the single greatest cause of teen violence?"  Poll Wizard.  http://www.pollwizard.com/373

Piles of Info 

3rd Quarter Exam Review Checklist
As per ELA 11th Grade Michigan Merit Curriculum Course Requirements, Page xx

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Glossary Link 2: U of N C, Pembroke
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