Juniors may also choose from the 12th grade book list.  

Juniors may choose a 10th grade book and receive 90% of the grade.  

Juniors may choose a  9th grade book  and receive 80% of the grade.

Juniors may choose a 8th grade book and receive 70% of the grade.

Juniors may not choose a 7th grade books or lower  without a specific IEP.


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Beah, Ishmael.

A Long Way Gone:

Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.


228 pgs

In English Room. 

Mary, Junior

This book is about a boy named Ishmael that lived in a village during the industrial Revolution. While he was at his village, soldiers came and had destroyed his village, capturing and killing hundreds of his people. He had captured him and 6 other boys to become a rebel with them. The boys had a long journey to freedom and dealt with things that no boy should face in his life. It changed his life to peaceful, to total rage in a matter of a year. At the end, Ishmael escapes from the war and goes into a hospital to get therapy and to help him overcome his obsession with killing. He then later gets adopted by his uncle and creates a new life of his own. This book was a very good book. It had its ups and downs, and had many adventures to keep the reader entertained. This book was probably one of the best books Ive ever read. 


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Bradbury, Ray.

Fahrenheit 451.


In English Room.



Leo, Senior

Fahrenheit 451 takes place in futuristic literary oppressed America in which books have been banned and are burned upon discovery.  Those who do the burning of the books are called firemen.  The main conflict of the book is the revelation made by a Fireman named Guy Montag surrounding the books that he burns and their value.  I felt that it was an excellent book with a very deep plot and message, despite its small size.  It was very well written with a plot that flowed very well and was easy to understand.  All in all, a very entertaining and engaging book that I believe many people would enjoy.

Marie, 11th Grade

When I picked this book, I was looking for a short read. I didnt really care if I liked it or not. By surprise, though I really ended up loving this book. It takes place in the future and life is much different. The main theme was books are bad. Firefighters, who once put out fires, now start them. Anyone caught with books would be in serious trouble. The main character of the book is a firefighter. The twist is he has books. The book tells the story of him realizing books arent bad and that they need to be saved. Overall not a bad book.


Brooks, Max.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.  


In English Room.


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Burgess, Anthony.

A Clockwork Orange .

xx pgs

In English Room.

Justin, Junior

 A  young man has taken a wrong path in life. He is involved in a gang and causes all sorts of mischief in his neighborhood and throughout the city. His name is Alex and he eventually finds himself tangled in a big knot of trouble. Alex ends up in jail where he has volunteered to be used in an experiment. This experiment shortens Alexs sentence allowing him to go home within a few months. This experiment was to find out if videos can really cause a person to change their behaviors. Alex was soon going to turn away from all his mischief and criminal ways. This book interested me in many ways and really showed me a different side of things and from many different perspectives. A Clockwork Orange is a great book and I enjoyed reading it. The way it is written is quite interesting and the story line stays interesting, keeping you on edge. Alex is not an everyday type of character and his personality is unlike anyone would imagine which keeps the reader interested every second and with every word.

Capote, Truman.

In Cold Blood.

A Classic of journalism

384 pgs, 1040L

In English Room.

Darcy, 11th grade

 Perry Smith and Dick Hickock are two jailbirds who have just been paroled from the Kansas State Penitentiary. Even before the buddies are set free, Perry and Dick have a new scheme that could get them more than $10,000. What they dont know is that they will be getting much more than they ask for. The characters in this book are very distinct and the reader will know them like theyve been friends for years. This is a great book because the hunt for Perry and Dick is long and suspenseful. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes murder or mystery novels.

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Conrad,  Joseph

Heart of Darkness.

(Apocalypse Now)

A modern classic novel that is often on college-prep reading lists. 

162 pgs, 1050L

In English Room.

The book that inspired the movie Apocalypse Now. In the book, however, it is the British in Africa; when they made the movie, they changed to Americans in Vietnam. You'll find the two remarkably similar nonetheless.

Onaca, Junior 

Heart of Darkness is about a Marlow, a sailor who decides to set out into the Congo looking for adventure.  Throughout the book he is making his way down the river towards Kurtz, a man quickly gaining fame in ivory trading.  On his journey he sees evil and hypocrisy all centered in imperialism, which is one of the main themes of the book.  This book definitely brings up interesting points and has beautiful prose the whole way through. Its story is one that leaves a lot to think about.  At the same time, however, it has a very slow pace and Id even say that the entire story could have been condensed into a much smaller space and still have gotten the point across perfectly.

DeFoe, Daniel.

Robinson Crusoe.

Classic novel


In our school library in fiction


Caleb S., 12th grade

Robinson Crusoe has been through many hard times ever since he left his house, to travel, against his fathers contempt. First, the boat he is traveling on gets its mast ripped off in a storm and the boat sinks.  The men barely make it out alive. Then Robinson goes back to his home and meets a man that travels to New Guinea and trades goods with the natives, making him rich. Robinson decides to embark with him and comes back a much wealthier man. Then, Robinson does it again but on his own and he gets captured by a tribe. He becomes the slave of a harsh king, but manages to escape. When he escapes he doesnt make it home but finds a boat and they are on their way to South America . Robinson goes with them. Once he is there he becomes a very rich tobacco farmer and decides to get other people to accompany him back to New Guinea to do some more trading. On the way a storm comes through and they get lost, next there boat gets stuck and all the men are killed, except Mr. Crusoe. Now he is stranded on a tropic island alone. He did manage to get some goods from the stuck boat before it sank. His only companions, his dog and himself.

Recommended by Tyler, tenth grade

Robinson Crusoe had a love of sailing for all his life.  He had always aspired to be a sailor, and he soon got his wish.  He sailed on many ships, and had many adventures, and by the end of his journey, he had gotten himself a prosperous tobacco plantation in Brazil.  Three years have passed.  Robinson has grown restless, and wants more of the glorious and profitable life of a sailor, so he boards a ship bound for Africa.  But this trips goes very differently.  Torrential rains and mountain-like waves crash down upon the little boat.  As the skies clear, Robinson realizes he is stranded on an island.  With a few tools from the ships, and an admirable persistence, Robinson Crusoe is able to forge a life on the island.  I would advise this book to anyone with a reasonably good vocabulary who likes reading about ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

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Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Sign of Four.


Sherlock Holmes


Like Water for Chocolate.

1030L, 256pgs 

Blending realism and the supernatural, Tita who longs her entire life to marry her lover, Pedro, but can never have him because of her mother's upholding of the family tradition of the youngest daughter not marrying but taking care of her mother until the day she dies. Tita is only able to express herself when she cooks.  

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Forsyth, Frederick. 

The Dogs of War.  

435 pgs 


In English Room.

Frazier, Charles

 Cold Mountain.

National Book Award

356 pgs, 1210L

in our library in fiction

A man flees the Civil War to return home to the woman he loves, but he will need to overcome many barriers before he reaches her.  

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French, Tana.

In The Woods. 


In English Room. 


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Gogol, Nicholas.

 Taras Bulba.



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Golden, Arthur.

Memoirs of a Geisha.  

434 pgs, 1000L


 in English Room.

In Memoirs of a Geisha, we enter a world where appearances are paramount; where a girl's virginity is auctioned to the highest bidder; where women are trained to beguile the most powerful men; and where love is scorned as illusion.  it is a unite and triumphant work of fiction - at once romantic and suspenseful - and completely unforgettable.  

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Guest, Judith.

Ordinary People.

245 pgs, 600L

In English Room.


Written by Judith Guest, Ordinary People is a great read for anyone in tenth grade or higher. It is the story of a family with a son who is recovering from suicide attempts and depression after the death of his brother. The first couple of chapters are slightly confusing I thought, but once into the book, the reader will enjoy it. I would rate this book

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Haddon, Mark. 

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.  

1180L 240pgs


in English Room


Amelia, 11th Grade

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon is a wonderful book. This book shows what a young man with special needs thinks about, while making a book that fills the reader with many emotions. Readers will laugh, cry, and be joyous from Christopher, the main characters thoughts in this book. I highly recommend it for others to read.

Mr. Greenlee

I didn't like this book at first because its short, choppy sentences and choppy word flow bugged me.  I also thought that this would be a mystery story about how a dog was killed, but it's really about the struggles of an autistic boy to survive in an ordinary world, and the struggles of his parents to deal with lives with an unordinary boy.  Sometimes funny, ultimately sad, this book is wonderful.

Hamilton, Jane.

The Book of Ruth.

An Oprah Book Club Selection


in our library in fiction

One seemingly inconsequential moment can alter lives forever. Alice Goodwin, mother of two, school nurse and wife of an aspiring dairy farmer in Wisconsin, is getting ready to take her two daughters and her best friend, Theresa's two little girls to their farm pond to swim. When she goes upstairs to find her bathing suit, Lizzy, Theresa's 2-year-old, slips away to the pond and drowns. It all goes downhill from there. The town tramp, whom Alice reprimanded for constantly bringing her sick son to school, accuses Alice of molesting her child. The entire town turns on the Goodwin family, fairly new to the area, and several other mothers come forward with tales of Alice's "abuse". Imprisonment, trial and loss of the farm ensue and Alice's husband and Theresa become "involved."

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Hamilton, Jane

A Map of the World.

740 L    389 pgs

in English Room and

in our library in fiction

Amelia, 11th Grade

A Map of the World by Jane Hamilton is a great read!  This book shows that even the perfect family can have problems that may change their lives permanently.  I would highly recommend others to read this book, because they will really enjoy it.

Marie, 11th Grade

A Map of the World was a tough read, not level wise but the content. This book tells the story of a family whose life is falling apart. Problems are constantly piling on top of them. The mother of the family was accused of several crimes, friends are disappearing, death occurs, and the list goes on. The story continues with the family trying to sort through their issues. There are points in this book you will break down and feel for this family. Its a very emotional read. However, the book is one of my favorites and I would still recommend it for anyone.

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Hemingway, Ernest.

The Sun Also Rises.

Classic Novel

251 pgs, 610L

In English Room

Amelia, 11th Grade

As the Sun Rises is a good book, but it gets boring. The kind of feeling where a person just keeps turning the pages just to get the book done but they dont comprehend what is going on in the story. This book is filled with detail, perhaps a little too much. There was really no plot, and sometimes it was hard to follow what was happening. The book is a good read, but it is a little on the boring side.

Adrienne, 11th Grade

The Sun Also Rises is one of Hemingways finest masterpieces. Hemingway eloquently captures the lively yet lonely state of the Lost Generation through his simple and concise writing prose and his sharp taste for detail. The Sun Also Rises undeniably earns the title of one of Hemingways finest and most intimate writings and his captivating and enthralling work should be read by all

Herbert,  Frank


Nebula Award,  Hugo Award

488 pgs, 800L

In English Room.

This novel is set in the far future with a complex interstellar society.  The main action takes place on the planet Dune, where a hostile takeover of the government takes place.  

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Herriot, James.

All Creatures Great and Small.

436 pgs, 990L

in English Room




Hillenbrand, Laura


990L, 448Pgs

The famous underdog racing horse

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Hosseini, Khaled.

The Kite Runner. 


In English Room


Leo, 11th  

This book describes the life of a young man in Afghanistan and the trials he faces growing up in both times of peace and chaos as his life changes in and out of his home country. The book shows his childhood and teenage years in Afghanistan and his later life in the United States trying to make a living, all of which are tumultuous. It is a very realistic book in that it shows many of lifes real tragedies and high points. 

I enjoyed this book because there was a sense of reality to it; it simply felt as the characters existed. Also the storyline was very compelling and was based on a time period with real and modern events. The book simply felt real, if I had not looked at the disclaimer in the cover I would have believed it was a true story. It also gives a look to people at how people have suffered in Afghanistan from someone who is actually from Afghanistan, which many people do not see often. The book was very enlightening and it carried so much power in its words.

Hailey B, 11th  

I would not recommend this book to anybody that isnt interested in stories about people from the Middle East that have to do with parts of the war. This was not my favorite book that Ive ever read, and I would probably choose more wisely next time I try to choose a novel to read.

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Jacobs, Harriet.  

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.  

152 pages

in English Room

Justin, 12th Grade

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is an easy flowing book and I enjoyed reading it. The way that the book is full of much detail and many perspectives allows you to fully understand what is going on and the situation at hand. What I like most about this book is that it has a strong meaning and you are able to connect with the characters. Harriet Jacobs is a strong woman and for her to be able to share such detailed and private information is quiet brave. I recommend this book for anyone who likes to feel the emotions of characters and enjoys reading simple, but complex, stories. 

Mary, 11th  

This book was a very good book because it had very distinct detail with the story and gave out a great tale. It was a very dramatic and sad book, but it kept me reading; not wanting to put it down. Trying to put myself in that persons shoe was the biggest challenge because this woman had gone through so much. She had shown inspiration not only for me, but for the other readers that have read this novel. 

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Kamara, Mariatu.   

The Bite of the Mango.  

212 pages

in English Room


Halee, 11th gr  

The Bite of the Mango was an amazing book; I would definitely recommend this book. This book was about the struggles a young village girl encounters when her village is attacked by rebels. Maritu is sent back to her former village to retrieve food after they had to move to another village because rebels were on the way. When Maritu is on her way back from the village, the rebels capture her and instead of keeping her for cooking duties, they decide to cut off her hands and leave her to either die or fend for herself. The Bite of the Mango then moves on to tell the struggles Maritu encounters, and where she is today. This was a wonderful book and I would recommend it to anyone.

Krakauer, Jon.

Into Thin Air.


378 pgs, 1320L

in our library, 796.52


At an altitude of 29,028 feet, small mistakes can easily multiply into large disasters.  For the 1996 Adventure Consultants expedition led by Rob Hall, disaster struck on a devastating scale.  Mentally altered from extreme altitude illness, not even the experienced climbers stood a chance against nature's wrath.  While descending the summit writer Jon Krakauer and other climbers did not notice the changing winds and commencing storms.  The unexpected disaster makes this epic real life thriller full of surprises and deep personal insights of the deadliest climbing season in Everest history.  This book is recommended by Brad for people with intermediate reading abilities. If you like this book you may want to try Eiger Dreams, another novel by author Jon Krakauer

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Kunstler, James Howard.  

A World Made by Hand 

and its sequel:

The Witch of Hebron

It's a world where the power has failed, the oil has run out, and no one is sure there is an America any more.   

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LeGuin, Ursula.  

A Wizard of Earthsea.

Its sequels have won the Newberry Medal and the National Book Award

183 pgs, 1150L

 In English Room.




LeGuin, Ursula.

Tombs of Atuan.


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Matheson, Richard.

I Am Legend.  


 In English Room.


Megellas, James. 

All the Way to Berlin: 

A Paratrooper in Europe. 

343 pgs 



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McCarthy, Cormac.   

All the Pretty Horses. 

National Book Award

Most Honored National Book Award 

301 pgs, 940L

in the English Room

Two Texan teens take off for Mexico.  They meet a third guy who gets them into trouble with the law.  

Quiz ready!

McCourt, Frank.  

Angela's Ashes.  

361 pages

in English Room

Zhane, 12th Grade

This book was really good, it's a very sad book.  The family had a very hard struggle the husband was an acholic and mother is trying so hard to make it and 3 of the children died.  The came from America and moved back tot he mother land, and tried to live b/c over in america the jobs were very low at the time.

Neihardt, John G.,

Black Elk Speaks.

978.004 in our library

1010L, 298pgs

the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux

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O'Brien, Tim.

The Things They Carried.

246 pgs, 880L

Finalist for Pulitzer Prize

& National Book Award

In English Room

Amelia, 11th grade 

The Things They Carried was a great book about what soldiers carried during the hard times of the war. This book isnt like other war books, because each chapter has a different story of a soldier. This book was about love, death, mystery, and more. I would recommend this book, because it is a great read that doesnt let you stop reading until the end.

Andrew, 11th grade 

The Things They Carried is a collection of short stories relating to the Vietnam war. It tells the myriad of perspectives, feelings and truths behind why a soldier fights. It is a very good book, offering a unique and enthralling insight in to the minds of soldiers.

Fuller, 11th grade 

Tim OBrien is a veteran of the Vietnam War, and author of The Things They Carried. Soldiers at war carry a wide variety of different things all depending on their situations. Tim OBrien discusses these items and their uses, then goes on to tell about how he interacted with them and struggled to survive the war on his own. I rated this book with three out of five stars because for the first three chapters it was like an endless list of things people carried at war. There was no story at all, but shortly after the plot picked up and story starting moving on. Id suggest this book to maybe a little younger kids because its easy but not to older students or ones who get tired of books fairly easy.

Quiz ready!


Rawicz, Slavomir

The Long Walk: 

The True Story of a Trek to Freedom.   

242 pgs


 In English Room.


Justin A, 12th gr   

The Long Walk is defiantly a book that I would recommend for people, no matter what their interest in books is. I enjoyed reading this book because it always kept a bit of suspense in my mind. After the groups escape from prison, the suspense in each page would not allow me to stop reading. What I truly enjoyed from this story is the lesson learned about how people can work together to accomplish their goals.

Plath, Sylvia.

The Bell Jar.

216 pgs

in our library in fiction, even though it's her autobiography.

Esther Greenwood, a young woman from the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, gains a summer internship at a prominent magazine in New York City under editor Jay Cee. Esther is neither stimulated nor excited by the big city and glamorous culture and lifestyle that girls her age are expected to idolize and emulate. Instead her experiences frighten and disorient her. She appreciates the witty sarcasm and adventurousness of her friend Doreen, but also identifies with the piety of Betsy (dubbed "Pollyanna Cowgirl") and a "goody-goody" sorority girl who always does the right thing. She has a benefactress in Philomena Guinea, a formerly successful fiction writer (based on Olive Higgins Prouty), who will, later during Esther's hospitalization, pay for some of her treatments.

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Smith, Tom Rob.

Child 44.


436 pgs


Adrienne, 11th  

Tom Rob Smith does a fine job displaying the harsh and abrasive world of communist Russia.  This novel effectively gives the reader a grotesque and suspenseful feeling while exploring serial killings in a nation where everything is perfect.  This novel should be read by readers with a passion for historyand a strong stomach.  

Quiz ready!

Stoker, Bram.


380 pgs

In the English Room.






Rawles, James Wesley

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse.  

385 pgs 














Other Books Juniors may choose - any book on this page, or from the sophomore or senior pages.

Alexander, Robert. 

Kitchen Boy.

229 pgs 


 In English Room.

Dumas, Alexander.

  The Count of Monte Cristo.  

Classic Novel

441 pgs, 930L

 In English Room.

Green, Roger Lancelyn.

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  

330 pgs.


In English Room.

Fargo, Ladislas.


Ordeal and Triumph


 in our school library under biography

Guterson, David

Snow Falling on Cedars

PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction


in the English room and in our library in the  fiction section

Haley, Alex

The Autobiography of Malcolm X.  

464 pgs, 1120L


In school library under biography

Grisham, John.

The Broker.

  422 pgs, L


In English Room 


The Firm.

500 pgs, 680L


In English Room 


Grisham, John.

The Last Juror.

486 pgs


In English Room 

Grisham, John.

Runaway Jury.

550  pgs, 910L


In English Room 

Grisham, John.

The Street Lawyer.

449 pgs, 790L


In English Room 


Grisham, John.

A Time to Kill.

  pgs, L


In English Room

Haynes, Melinda.

Mother of Pearl.  

An Oprah Book Club Selection



in our library in fiction

Hynd, Noel

The Enemy Within. 

501 pgs. 


in English Room

Kurson, Robert. 

Shadow Divers.

243 pages

Larkins, Patrick.

The Tribune.

390 pages.

Linenger, Jerry.

Off the Planet: Surviving Five Perilous Months Aboard the Space Station Mir


in our library under biography

Mayle, Peter

Chasing Czanne


in our library in fiction

Phillips, William.

Night of the Silver Stars: The Battle of Lang Vei.

231 pgs.

 In English Room.

Quindlen, Anna.

Black and Blue. 

An Oprah Book Club Selection



in our library in fiction

Read, Piers Paul


The Story of the Andes Survivors.

318 pgs, 1160L


In English Room

Roberts, Craig.

Kill Zone.

212 pgs, incl documents & photos


In library 973.8

Robinson, Kim Stanley



in our library in fiction

Smith, Martin Cruz.

Gorky Park.

433 pgs



In the English Room.

Ten Boom, Corrie 

The Hiding Place.

253 pgs, 900L

In English Room

Doerr, H.

Stones for Ibarra.

1010L, 224pgs 

Richard and Sara Everton, an American couple, leave San Francisco to live in a small, remote Mexican village so they can reopen a copper mine that was abandoned by Richard's grandfather fifty years ago in the Revolution of 1910.

Malamud, Bernard,

The Natural

1060L   240pgs

Kogawa, Joy.


990L, 320pgs

Hal, Steven.

The Raw Shark Texts 

Thought-predators are swimming from mind to mind, on the hunt to devour your ideas...

Conroy, Pat

Lords of Discipline

970L, 512 pgs