1 Take Responsibility for Your Own Life!

You are the driver of your life, not a passenger!  Stop whining and playing victim!  Stop blaming others or computers!  Refuse to surrender to setbacks: Overcome them!  Don't do the minimum.  Be positive!  Be upbeat!  Get down to business!  Win! 

2 Identify Your Goal; Keep Your Eyes on the Goal.
Before beginning, think about what it is you want to do.  Study the rubric.  Figure out how to get to your goal.  Make a plan.  Break it down into steps. 

3 Put First Things First.
Prioritize.  Focus on your English work, not things for other classes or from home.  Leave toys in your locker.  Play or chat later.  Do what's due first.  Don't put off starting the big project.  Time is flying!

4 Have an Everyone-Can-Win Attitude
Don't consider yourself superior.  Don't call names.   We all deserve respect, even when we're wrong.  Encourage people to be their best.  Be a positive force. 

5        Listen 1st; Talk 2nd.

6        Be a Team Player.
Cooperate with others.  Don't disrupt the work of others.  Be quiet during a quiet time.  Don't be out of your seat during group activities.  Listen first, and then express yourself.  If you are tardy, come in quietly. 

7 Keep Sharp. 
Don't just do the assignment - get smarter. 
Don't just get a grade - get educated. 
Get to sleep at night so you won't have your head down or your eyes closed at school.