A Trip to the Moon(1902).  Loosely based on Verne's story.  (10:29).

The Great Train Robbery (1903) was the first film to tell a definite story.  It is 12 minutes, typical of film at this time. 

D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation (1915) caused riots when it was shown.  Its huge impact helped move the center of movie-making from Europe to Hollywood. 

Wings.  (1927).  First film and only silent film to win a best picture Academy Award. 

The Jazz Singer (1927) was the first movie to include sections with sound.  It signaled the end of the silent film era. 

The Wind.  (1928). 

Tuesday--Intro to the class
Beginning with week three, the class must choose two films from each of the pages above.  Due to time constraints, we must chose a film of 145 minutes or less.  Note-taking will be required in this class; have one.  Films will generally be shown Tue-Thurs.  Quizzes will be generally on Fridays. 
Vocabulary: Vaudeville, slapstick, feature, one-reeler

Wednesday: How Cinema Began:  Several toys pre-dated film but simulated the effect, such as the zoetrope or praxinoscope.  In 1878, the first-ever film was made: a horse galloping (0:19).  The film consisted of only 12 frames.  The first films were of very ordinary scenes.  Veiw Edison kinetoscope films 1894 -1896 (4:25) and The Lumiere Brothers' first films Exiting the Factory (1895) & Arrival of a Train (3:11).  Most early films focused on special effects or variety acts.  Make your own zoetrope Watch:
Merton, P.  (2010).  "Weird and Wonderful  World of Early
XXX Cinema."  BBC.  Retrieved from YouTube:Friscalating. 
XXX http://youtu.be/rri3UwEZhLU. (about 50 minutes)

Thursday: Buster Keaton
Keaton, B. (1922).  Scene from The Goat.  Retrieved from
XXXYouTube:diggia82.  http://youtu.be/StDwAH_9epo (4:07). 
Keaton, B.  (1922).  Elevator Chase Scene from
My Wife's
XXXRelations.  Retrieved from YouTube:Largegins
XXXhttp://youtu.be/JzZYZj0i3Og.  (4:59)
Keaton, B. (1922).  Chase scene from
COPS. Retrieved from
XXX http://youtu.be/2fZIZip4dmk (4:56). 
Keaton, B. (1922).  Drunk Bride scene from Spite Marriage.
XXX Retrieved fromhttp://youtu.be/2fZIZip4dmk (4:56). 

Friday: Assessment
When did movies begin?  What were early films like?  Where were most early movies made?   What does these term mean: Vaudeville, slapstick, feature, one-reeler?  What sound was provided in silent movies?  What is a Buster Keaton movie like? 

"Hollywood: A Celebration of the
XXX American Silent Film - 1 The
XXX Pioneers."  (n.d.)  Retrieved from
XXX YouTube:BentoJoaoAntonio.
XXX http://youtu.be/e91G9aDyS_s
XXX (52:05)

Silent movies were international.  Only about 5% of the world spoke English, but silent filmmakers could sell their films to all countries. 
Music was  important.  Theatres were ritzy. 
Silent film was different that either stage or sound. 
Great Train Robbery was America's first whole-reel film.  Early on, the best films came from Europe.  American films were cheap, and stage actors looked down on film. 
D.W.Griffith is considered the father of film; he created much of the editing and cinematography used even today.  His success with
Birth of a Nation brought the center of the film industry from Europe to America. 

Compare these films:
A Trip to the Moon.  (1902).  Retrieved from
XXX YouTube:mittenscat1. 
XXX http://youtu.be/7JDaOOw0MEE
The Great Train Robbery.  (1903).  Retrieved from
XXX YouTube:Ravenwood2008. 
XXX http://youtu.be/epBaB727Xkg.  (9:39). 
With the scene from this film:
Eisenstein, S.  (1925).  Stair scene from
XXX Potemkin.  Retrieved from YouTube:TheWestern
XXX Review.  http://youtu.be/DLEE2UL_N7Q  (6:48)
Why is the second one so much better?  Discuss. 

View excerpts from the silent film era:
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919) 
XXX http://youtu.be/T9WjHEKLMbc (2:55)
Nosferatu.  (1922).  http://youtu.be/N-DrKgjit4I (1:14)
Wings (1927).  http://youtu.be/GFRas2-x_OQ (1:00)
The Wind.  (1928).  http://youtu.be/zi2vtXE1nXE (10:51)

Pre-viewing material for Birth of a Nation.
Some terms and historical background :
XXX Reconstruction
XXX carpetbagger
XXX Radical 
Read through the plot outline of the story below.

Griffith, D.  (1915). 
The Birth
XXX of a Nation. 

If you are stuck at home, watch the selections in the plot outline below:

Discuss birth of a Nation. 

View trailers from the 1930s and choose a film. 

Chaplin, C. (1936). 
Modern Times.  (about 24 minutes). 

Part 1 http://youtu.be/MHdmaFJ6W6M (9:15)

Part 2 http://youtu.be/kujc_IZX404 (9:19)
Part 3 http://youtu.be/tWSfQlh-R9E (9:23). 

Friday: Assessment
Was silent film truly silent? 
What was the name of the first movie to tell a definite story? 
What film helped cause the center of filmmaking move from Europe to Hollywood? 
What silent film sparked riots across America? 
What was the only silent film to win an Oscar for best picture? 
What was the first movie with recorded sound in it? 

Plot Outline of Birth of a Nation

Ben Cameron becomes a Civil War hero. 

The war ends and he returns home.  Under Lincoln, the South is recovering from the war, but Lincoln is killed. 
Stoneman, a northern Radical senator, wants equality.  He sends Lynch, a half-White/half African-American, to the South to manage things.  Lynch starts by registering African-Americans for the election (1:01). 

Stoneman is successful in getting African-Americans elected to the state legislature  (3:05) and he himself becomes lieutenant governor.  They abuse their power and in response, Whites form the Klan.  Cameron gets the idea to use white sheets to inflict terror.  (3:03)

Flora Cameron, the na´ve and ditzy little sister to Ben, is walking in the woods when she is chased by Gus, a former slave who is in love with her.  She runs from him in a panic (4:45).  Ben Cameron, her brother, arrives just in time to see her die. 

Gus hides and is discovered.  (5:59).  When found, Gus shoots a man.  The men of the town chase Gus and kill him.  The Klan dumps Gus's body on Lieutenant Governor Lynch's steps. 

Lynch makes the owning of a Klan costume punishable by death. 
Dr. Cameron, father to the Ben and Flora, is falsely accused of having such an outfit and is arrested.  His friends and family help him escape.  The local militia, manned by former slaves, chases them.  The wagon on which they are escaping breaks down and they hide in a cabin. 

Ben Cameron has long been in love with
Elsie Stoneman, the daughter of Senator Stoneman.  The Cameron family asks her to intervene with Lynch.  She goes to him, unaware that Lynch desires her.  He proposes and she refuses.  Lynch locks her in a room.  At this time, riots are going on in the streets.  Stoneman arrives at the house and Lynch tells him he wants to marry his daughter.  He refuses. 

The Klan arrives just in time, both to rescue the Camerons at their cabin (6:34) and Elsie and her father in Lynch's house. 

Characters of Birth of a Nation

Ben Cameron "The Little Colonel" --Southern war hero, the main character

Flora Cameron, sister to the Little Colonel, na´ve and ditzy, but cheerful and playful

Dr. Cameron--father to the Little Colonel and his sister; he is falsely accused of belonging to the Klan. 

Stoneman a northerner who wants equality.  He is a Radical, the antagonist. 

Elsie Stoneman--daughter of Stoneman; the Little Colonel is in love with her. 

Silas Lynch -the half-African-American who is in love with Elsie; Stoneman is teaching him to be a politician. 

Gus--a former slave who is in love with Flora